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Transformative Dialogue 

 In our time of immense social and political polarization, conversations that value empathy, curiosity, humility and civil discourse are very important. However, there are times when we come across those with truly problematic views, such as unfounded conspiracy theories or ideologies that encourage violence. In extreme situations like these, how can we communicate with people in a way that may shift their perspective or open their mind? Transformative dialogue (TD) is one such approach, as it strikes a transcendent middle way between debate (which can fuel more polarization) and conventional dialogue or mediation, which emphasizes understanding and relationship building. TD shifts the frame from trying to change one's mind (i.e altering the content of beliefs) or persuasion (converting one to your beliefs or ideology) to the goal of expanding one's perspective by inspiring self-reflection, critical thinking, and increased awareness. Participants will learn evidence-based techniques for catalyzing such a shift. 

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